Airport Information System Market is Witnessing Rapidly Pace in Various Region

​Over the past few years, there has been an enormous rise in global air traffic and an upsurge in air passengers. With soaring IT spending on airport information system market, the demand for airport information systems has grown steadily. Increasing investments by government and private players have led to an accelerated adoption of real-time information systems across domestic and international airports. These systems have helped fleet owners maximize operational efficiency and enhance the comfort of travelers, thereby transforming the overall travel experience.

In future, more automation solutions will come in the ambit of airport information systems to meet a variety of operational and data management needs and will boost collaborations across all stakeholders. As travelers become more tech-savvy, a slew of advanced IT solutions will crop up, positively impacting the market in the coming years. As a result, airport systems will witness the adoption of innovative service models and platforms that will underpin a continually expanding market for airport information systems.

The report provides comprehensive insights into the key drivers and restraints, major revenue generating segments, prominent trends, emerging technologies, market share and size of key segments, and competitive landscape. The research analysis tracks recent developments in IT solutions delivery models and highlights key investment trends in emerging and established markets. The study based on extensive rounds of primary and secondary researches takes a closer look at key underlying economic factors expected to impact the demand for information systems for managing various operations. The report evaluates the regulatory landscape in major countries that will have a bearing on the market positioning strategies of players.

This 170 page report gives readers a comprehensive overview of the airport information system market. Browse through 24 data tables and 73 figures to unlock the hidden opportunities in this market:

The global airport information system market is primarily driven by the rising demand for more effective and reliable airport information systems to optimize aircraft processes and maximize passengers’ convenience. The increasing adoption of automated solutions for various operational processes has fuelled the market. The constant influx of modular and integrated software solutions by vendors is anticipated to create promising opportunities for several developers of airport information system.

However, most information systems call for high-speed network connectivity, advanced electronics, and supporting hardware devices. This significantly increases the implementation cost of airport information solutions, thereby hindering the growth of the market to an extent. On the other hand, spiraling capital investments by several private players and governments of various countries toward the modernization of airports is expected to unlock exciting opportunities for market players in future.

Global Airport Information System Market: Regional Outlook

Currently, North America dominates the airport information system market, contributing a substantial chunk of the global revenue. The regional market is expected to witness handsome growth along the forecast period. This is closely followed by the Europe market. Meanwhile, Asia Pacific will witness a surge of lucrative market avenues. The impressive growth of the regional market will be fuelled by a soaring number of air travelers and growing popularity of smartphones and mobile devices among travelers. The proliferation of smartphone-enabled solutions that are closely tied with airport information system is expected to provide a significant fillip to the growth of the regional market.

Global Airport Information System Market: Competitive Landscape

The airport information system market is fairly fragmented. The top four players are SITA, Amadeus IT Group SA, Rockwell Collins, Inc., and Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics (SPPAL), which occupy a major share in the market. The leading players are actively focusing on research and development activities to consolidate their presence in major regions. Other key companies in this market include INFORM GmbH, Lockheed Martin Corporation, InterSystems Corporation, Resa, S.A.S., Lufthansa Systems, and VELATIA, S.L.


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