Water Purifier Market Trends, and Forecast By 2025

The global water purifier market is envisioned to be driven by quality standards commonly set by governments and established internationally. The usage of water purification goes far beyond household and commercial applications; it can also be engaged for industrial, chemical, pharmacological, and medicinal purposes. Launch of innovative products such as TamRas, a low-cost copper-based water purifier, by Sam Pitroda’s Trans Disciplinary University (TDU) could significantly impact the growth of the global water purifier market.

Reverse osmosis (RO) could be a largely adopted purification technology in the global water purifier market. Likewise, there could be leading accessories and end users prevailing in the global water purifier market analyzed in the report.

The publication has shed light on technological breakthroughs, value chain analysis, current trends and opportunities, industry dynamics and potential, and supply and demand deemed important for the global water purifier market. Participants are expected to gain a competitive edge with the help of the guidelines and analysis presented in the report.

Global Water Purifier Market: Trends and Opportunities

Desperate efforts to provide clean and safe drinking water by governments operating around the world are anticipated to set the tone for a positive growth in the international water purifier market. Yet, there are a good count of countries that are struggling with the quality of drinking water, which could compel them to depend on additional water filtration techniques. As a result, the demand in the international water purifier market is expected to surge at a decent rate. Players operating in the international water purifier market could find lucrative business opportunities especially in rural areas of emerging nations. This could be due to concerted efforts taken by civic officialdoms to improve the availability of safe drinking water for residences and continual industrial enlargement.

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Developed regions of the international water purifier market are predicted to showcase some telling developments in water purification technologies. Noticeable augment in water recycling and treatment rate, decrease in release of wastewater, and upgradation of drinking water quality could be key for fortifying the demand in developed regions of the international water purifier market. Other factors that are envisaged to be responsible for triggering the growth of the international water purifier market are multiplying residential and commercial construction activities and rising paucity of fresh water resources.

Global Water Purifier Market: Geographical Analysis

Burgeoning awareness among consumers about drinking water quality and heightened demand from urban and rural population of the region are prophesied to help Asia Pacific dominate the geographical side of the world water purifier market. Asia Pacific could be followed by regions such as the Middle East and Africa and South America that are envisaged to testify a higher growth of faucet mount, pitcher filter, and other accessories. The need for desalination techniques is envisioned to aggravate in the Middle East region on account of the uneven availability of fresh water resources which forces them to depend on ocean water.

Global Water Purifier Market: Companies Mentioned

Among the leading companies, Best Water Technology, Kaz USA, Inc., A.O. Smith Corporation, 3M Purification, and Brita are forecasted to take the charge in the worldwide water purifier market. Other participants such as LG Electronics, Kinetico Inc., and Evoqua Water Technologies LLC could to strive toward achieving a proliferating presence in the worldwide water purifier market.


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