Social Gaming Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast-2019

Social Gaming Market: Snapshot

Sensing an opportunity created by the steep prices of game consoles – a factor that hampers their quick uptake by consumers – game developers have rushed in to satiate people’s gaming needs by leveraging social media. Their gamble has paid off well. While connecting with friends and family on Instagram, Facebook, and MySpace, it has been found that people spend almost 50% of the time playing online games by themselves or with an opponent on social media.

This trend reveals that the global market for social gaming has gained unprecedented traction. Going forward, the market is slated to expand at a cracking pace to reach a staggering US$17.40 bn by 2019.

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Developers Constantly Pushing the Envelope by Creating Different Games

That a growing crop of smartphone-toting people are providing a fillip to the global market for social gaming is anyone’s guess. Studies show that the number of monthly active users for social games was over 200 million in 2012 and that number would likely double by 2019. While numbers increase, it also ups the pressure on social game developers to retain their consumer base by creating more engaging content.

Hence, they are constantly tinkering and redesigning to launch more innovative games and prevent users from getting bored. Game publishers are coming up with games belonging to different genres, namely casino games, sport role playing games, virtual villages, social role playing games, ownership games, etc. Among them, casino and virtual village games have been breakout successes.


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